Camp Naru

Frequently Asked Questions

Camp Naru is a place of learning, accomplished through hands-on activities & shared experiences. We are nurturing skills and sharing ideas and information with our campers. Our primary purpose, at its heart, is educational: to help campers learn about and better understand themselves and their shared Korean heritage and culture. We aim to spark curiosity, interest and appreciation in a wide variety of things relevant to being Korean American in meaningful and memorable ways. By sharing these personal experiences with other friends who share a common cultural heritage and identity, the more understanding and pride our campers gain about who they are – raising the ability to thrive as adults.

All campers must be at least 9 years old by the start of camp, but no older than 16.

The enrollment fee is $1,350 per camper. This fee includes round trip bus transportation, meals, activities, and lodging.

Financial Assistance:
Camp Naru seeks to be accessible to all Korean American youth, regardless of their financial circumstances. If you need financial assistance, please complete the application here. The application deadline is March 17, 2024. 

We continue to monitor the New York State, Pennsylvania, and Federal COVID-19 policies and update our requirements accordingly.  

At this time, we no longer have a standardized policy regarding COVID-19. This means that camp enrollment is open to any camper and staff member, regardless of vaccination status. Proof of vaccination is no longer a requirement for enrollment. However, we do still encourage all campers, families, and staff members to be vigilant in monitoring their health and symptoms when participating in our program. 

In alignment with New York State, we recommend getting vaccinated and boosted, wearing a mask, getting tested, staying home if you’re unwell, and to always wash your hands. 

We continue to monitor new information, guidelines, and research collected and distributed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), State of New York Department of Health, and American Camping Association (ACA). Our leadership team will make every effort to ensure safe practices and up-to-date protocols for a successful camper and staff experience.

Our team of registered nurses will continually monitor symptoms and test as necessary for those campers showing symptoms of COVID. Should a camper test positive for COVID, our team will assist the camper in providing an isolated space, while we’re able to test their cabinmates, clean their former cabin space, and pack their belongings safely. That camper’s parent/guardian will be notified about the positive result and be asked to come and pick up their camper from isolation.

Yes, we make every effort to hire a team of registered nurses or medical doctors in-residence full-time during Camp Naru – available on-site in the well-equipped health center. 

  • A Physician Signature Health Form (which can be downloaded from CampMinder) and a clean, legible copy of your personal Health Insurance Card (front and back) are required for every camper. 
  • A physical exam by licensed medical personnel is required no earlier than 12 months prior to camp.  
  • A certified CMO is on staff and we have a well-equipped health center that includes a dispensary and sick bay.  Any time a camper is referred for medical attention outside camp or is restricted from normal program participation for more than 24 hours, parents will be contacted and advised. 
  • Parents/guardians will be responsible for all costs incurred on behalf of the participant for medical treatment and/or hospitalization while attending Camp Naru or traveling to/from camp.  
  • All medications of any kind must be checked in with the CMO upon arrival at camp. Our CMO will retain and dispense all meds to campers according to their prescriptions and/or as needed. 

Accepted campers must submit a deposit when they register. We encourage registrations and deposits be submitted within 2 weeks of camp acceptance. We accept electronic payments through our application portal. Instructions will be provided. All forms, fees and related documents are due no later than April 1, 2024. If we do not receive these items or a portion of these items after this date, we no longer guarantee your enrollment, due to the large number of waitlist participants. 

We do not accept care packages. We ask that parents/guardians pack whatever the participant will need for the entire week prior to their arrival.

Camp Naru is for those of Korean descent, which includes children born in Korea, children of Korean immigrants (second-generation and beyond), adoptees, and bi-racial Koreans. For more details, or special consideration, please e-mail

If your child has special requirements (e.g., Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, difficulty with impulse control, bed-wetting, epilepsy, or other needs/limiting conditions), please be sure to disclose them fully in the medical form and also e-mail us at  We will contact you to discuss your child’s needs and what can be done to help them attend Camp Naru. Full and transparent disclosure about your child’s needs is your best way to ensure appropriate care for your child will be provided at Camp Naru. Please share the requested information and be assured that it is handled in strictest confidence by the Director’s office.

As we have a limited number of slots available for camp, all applications will be reviewed and campers whose applications are approved will be notified with instructions for registration.

We will notify campers of their acceptance and enrollment in the program beginning at the start of the calendar year.

This year, we will be providing a round-trip bus service from one location in/around Queens, NY and one location in/around Paramus, NJ will be available.  Exact times and locations will be announced prior to camp.  Cost for the bus is included in the camp fees.  Campers are encouraged to ride the bus, but are not required to do so.  Should parents elect to drive their campers, we ask that they drive their camper both ways. Details and options can be found in within CampMinder.

Start date & time:
Sunday, August 11, 2024
Check-in between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm
Note: Lunch will not be served on August 11, 2024

Finish date & time:
Saturday, August 17, 2024
Departure will be between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm

The Camper Packing List (available on the website) provides a guideline for clothing and equipment needed at camp. 
Do not bring expensive items to camp; this is a good place for older clothes. Do not bring blow dryers, curling irons, etc.. No candy or food should be sent with campers. Healthful, nutritious meals are served three times a day. A limited amount of Korean treats can be purchased each day at the store. 

No electronic devices. Campers should not bring laptops, hand-held video games or other electronic devices to camp. Should these electronic devices be found, along with cell phones, they will be collected at the start of camp and returned at the end of camp. Cell phones and other restricted electronic devices not voluntarily turned in at the start of camp, and discovered during camp will be confiscated and returned directly to parents at the end of camp.

Label all belongings clearly!  We will do our best to help campers return home with all their belongings, but we are not responsible for lost items or cell phones not voluntarily turned in at the start of camp.

We suggest an allowance of $25.00 for each child. Campers may spend up to $25.00 at the camp store. Each day during free time, campers may purchase a items from the camp store. Items at the camp store may include basic toiletries, socks, candy, snacks, and Camp Naru swag.

Camp rules on proper behavior are spelled out in the CAMPER CODE OF CONDUCT form that must be signed by all campers and a parent. Campers are not allowed to leave camp without the Camp Director’s permission and without proper staff supervision. Campers are expected to remain in their assigned groups, follow directions of supervising staff, and obey rules.  

All staff, including leadership members and counselors, are carefully trained to work with children and promote a trusting environment. It is assumed that campers who come to Camp are amenable to discipline and will conform to the standards and regulations of our program. Camp Naru reserves the right to dismiss any camper who breaks policy, or whose behavior or health might jeopardize themselves or others at camp. 

Bullying and other malicious social behavior will not be tolerated at camp. Those who are found to be bullying or threatening others will be dismissed from camp. Any camper found possessing alcoholic beverages, drugs, drug paraphernalia, cigarettes (including e-cigs, vapes, etc.), weapons, or pornographic materials may be dismissed from camp.  Any camper dismissed from camp for disciplinary reasons will not be eligible for a refund of fees.

Homesickness is common and natural when a child is separated from familiar environments. Most affected campers get over their homesickness quickly. We do not allow campers to call home. However, in cases which are not quickly resolved, the Camp Director will be in touch with parents. Learning how to deal with their homesickness may very well be one of the most important experiences a child has while at camp. Please feel free to e-mail the Camp Director with any concerns. 

We are committed to creating a community space for our campers to fully engage one another and immerse themselves in the camp experience. In some instances, a parent’s presence can be a distraction and/or disruptive to this process. So at this time, we ask that parents and friends not visit. 

Telephones are not available for camper use except in staff supervised business or emergency situations. If parents have important/urgent news that campers must know, please give us a call phone (and leave voice message if necessary) and your message will be given to your child at the next meal time. Please do not ask to speak to your child – a more lenient telephone policy can create an impossible situation for camp. In case of emergency, do not hesitate to call our Camp Director or alternatively call Poconos Springs Camp. We will provide relevant contact information prior to camp after enrollment.

All staff have a deep appreciation and understanding of Korean cultural identity and heritage.

Our recruitment process for all counselor staff includes an application, interview, reference check and background check (national criminal and sex offender database check). In addition, we conduct a comprehensive and in-depth training for our staff prior to the participant’s arrival. 

Many of the counselor staff have prior camp experience. Each is committed to contributing to a safe, valuable, and enjoyable time at Camp Naru.  All staff prospects complete a written application and are interviewed by the Director and a member of the leadership team. The Camp Director, along with the leadership team, is present at camp. 

Staff are observed, consulted and coached throughout each day. Parents/guardians are encouraged to complete the post-camp evaluation with their participant, which has a section for feedback on their experience with the staff.

Counselor to camper ratios is established by the State of New York Department of Parks and Recreation at a ratio of 10:1. However, Camp Naru aims to bring that ratio down to 4:1. All staff are required to keep campers within sight or sound at all times. Counselors regularly check on each camper’s health and happiness and respond as needed.

We recognize that life happens and that things sometimes force change. For those families that need to cancel their registration, please do so immediately by contacting the Camp Director. 

Prior to April 1, any family that chooses to withdraw their camper – regardless of circumstance – the family will be provided a 100% refund.

Between April 1 and June 1, any family that chooses to withdraw their camper – regardless of circumstance – the family will be provided any remaining balance less the initial $250 deposit.

After June 1, any family that chooses to withdraw their camper – regardless of circumstance – the family will forgo any balance already received.

*Will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Refunds may only be granted under special circumstances (e.g. medical emergency) at the sole discretion of the Camp Director.

Mid-week cancellation or removal from camp, or removal due to expulsion, will result in forfeiture of the entire payment.


COVID-19 Refunds

Prior to Camp

  • We offer the opportunity for any camper that is diagnosed as positive before camp, to rapid test negative and report to camp at any point during the week. However, no partial refunds will be designated for this circumstance.

During Camp

  • We do not offer any refunds for campers that are in attendance at camp and are diagnosed with COVID-19. Unfortunately, camp pays the full cost of each camper upfront – before camp begins – and does not receive any benefit of less participants.

Yes, Camp Naru operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. However, enrollment fees paid to Camp Naru will not generally be eligible for a charitable deduction. 

First, there will be Camp Naru staff members walking around the campground and monitoring for safety of our community. Second, the campsite is 24/7 video recorded and there will be additional Pocono Springs Camp staff monitoring the campground throughout the camp week. Lastly, all Camp Naru affiliates (campers and staff) will be required to wear a name tag at all times as a means of identification. Those without identification will not be allowed on the campground unless screened and authorized by the Co-Directors.