Camp Naru

Activities / Sample Daily Program

Our activities and daily program overall include learning about Korean and Korean American culture both past and present, learning Korean language, Korean crafts and games, making Korean food, and reflection and dialogue with other friends in a community setting.
Daily activities can be roughly divided into three parts.

1. Morning classes

After breakfast, cabin and camp clean-up, three classes would be offered: Korean Language, Culture, and Group Singing.

  • Language will introduce the Korean alphabet, greetings, useful phrases, proverbs and songs. The emphasis in language will be showing how it reflects Korean values (e.g, communal orientation compared to individualism in the West).
  • Culture will include aspects of traditional and contemporary life in Korea that shape Korean American identity. Topics may include basic information such as Korea’s location, geography, elements of the flag, classic folktales (and the values they convey), courtesy and etiquette, and the rise of K-Pop/K-Drama, what it’s like to live in Korea, and Korean games. We will also hope to provide opportunities for older campers to share and discuss their experiences.
  • Singing is a way to have fun, be silly, learn new Korean vocabulary, reinforce lessons from language, and bond. In many ways it is the most “Korean” activity at camp! There will be songs in English and in Korean… some serious, some not, but ALL fun!

2. Afternoon Activities

After lunch, scoring cabin clean-up, store and rest hour there will be three “elective” periods, which use recreational and other activities as a means to build community, mentorship, and cultural awareness. Campers can participate in a variety of electives such as:

  • Korean Cooking (e.g., kimchi, bibimbap, dumplings)
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Traditional Korean games
  • General Sports (e.g., dodgeball, volleyball, and other games for groups)
  • Stand up paddle boards, canoes, kayaks, rowboats, recreational swim and an inflatable course on a sixty acre private lake
  • Archery
  • Korean Kite making
  • Low/High Ropes Course & Zip Line

Following the elective period there will be an hour “free swim” or “free time” before dinner.

3. Evening programs

Evening programs provide a more informal and unstructured way for campers to build deep and meaningful community. Weather permitting after-dinner programs may include:

  • Opening campfire / introduction of counselors by their campers
  • Carnival night
  • Korean street food market (“pojang-macha”)
  • Color Wars
  • Special guest speakers
  • Skit night / talent show
  • Naru Number One
  • Counselor challenge course / beach night
  • Movie night / Pajama party
  • Korean BBQ / Closing campfire