Camp Naru



Here is an example of what a typical day might look like at Camp Naru:

Time Event Name Location Description
7:50 AM Morning Check-In   Review roster and perform roll-call.
8:00 AM Breakfast Dining Hall N/A
8:30 AM Cabin Cleanup Cabins After breakfast, campers and counselors will have an opportunity to clean up their cabin before morning checks.
9:15 AM Rotation between groups
  ESTEEM Program Hall Campers and counselors will engage in meaningful discussion around cultural identity in today’s complex terms (cultural, societal, and community). Led by a licensed social worker, this activity will allow campers to challenge their own understanding of what it mean’s to be Korean in today’s world, while learning about others’ experiences as they navigate it’s meaning to them.
10:15 AM Rotation between groups
  High Ropes Leadership Ropes Course Campers will engage in a high ropes course to learn about teamwork, self confidence, and leading others through an arrangement of activities.
11:15 AM Rotation between groups
  Culinary Arts Kitchen Campers will get to learn basic Korean recipes and practice making dishes that they can taste test.
12:15 PM Updates   Reading of any schedule changes.
12:30 PM Lunch Dining Hall N/A
2:00 PM Rotation between groups
  HOLD: Special Guest Program Hall All campers and staff – Invited special guest will share their story and relationship to their Korean identity; may include a performance element.
  KPOP Dance Program Hall Campers will engage with our instructor to learn fun and engaging dance moves to the latest KPOP hits.
3:00 PM Rotation between groups
  Language Arts Classroom Campers will get to learn and practice basic Korean language skills, as well as, quick phrases that are popular today.
4:00 PM FREE TIME N/A Campers will have the opportunity to network and choose to visit any of the free time activities – lake, swimming pool, gym, etc.
6:00 PM Updates Patio Reading for preparation for evening activities.
  HOLD: Special Korean BBQ Dining Tent Invited special guest will share their story and relationship to their Korean identity; providing a special culinary experience with Korean BBQ and side dishes.
6:15 PM Dinner Dining Hall N/A
7:30 PM Myung-Dong Carnival Basketball Court/Field Fun night for campers and staff to experience a Korean street food festival with snacks, inflatables, and more.
8:45 PM Travel time to your cabins.
9:00 PM
Staff Meeting
Cabins Campers should be returned to their cabin with supervision provided by the academic and leadership staff.
Patio All counselors should be in attendance.
10:30 PM Cabin Time   All staff and campers should be in their designated lodges and cabins preparing for bed.
11:00 PM Lights-Out Cabins All staff and campers are ready and in bed.